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Who Will?

Who will rescue you when you make mistakes,

Too immense for you to contemplate?

Who will lift you when you fall,

When you’ve made a catastrophe of it all?

Who will comfort you when you cry,

And tears fall down that will not dry?

Who will have compassion when you get what you deserve,

Or give you the courage when you’ve lost your nerve?

Who will give you guidance when you need it badly,

And won’t think it’s inconvenient but gives it gladly?

Who will give you hope when you’re in despair,

And the answer you are looking for can’t be found anywhere?

Who will give you peace when your mind is full of worry,

And your day is very busy and you’re always in a hurry?

Who can give you joy that is unspeakable,

And heal you of illnesses that are untreatable?

Who will be faithful when you can’t seem to get it together,

And gives you second chances that go on forever?

Who will come in a hurry when you desperately need a friend,

And no one picks up the phone and a hand they won’t lend?

Whose words have the power to battle all affliction,

And can break the chains that bound you to any addiction?

Who thinks you are valuable, more precious than gold,

And has a love for you beyond what you’ve been told?

Who would die in your place and pay the price for your sin,

Yet knock at your heart’s door waiting for you to let them in?

Who will make a path unique just for you,

Using the talents only you were created to do?

Who could be so patient, so loving, so kind, so truthful,

So devoted, so worthy of rhyme?

So life changing, so merciful, so divine and real,

So wise, so available, so right here?

So worthy of being worshipped for over two thousand years,

So imprinted on the hearts of those who hold him dear?

                                               JESUS CHRIST!

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