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Hold Onto God and Sing...

This morning on my way to work one of my new favorite gospel songs came on and as I started to sing it another song started interrupting it. I was on that stretch of highway that always loses this station so I kept on singing even though this other song kept trying to play, and it made me think of how that's life sometimes.

We're reaching for God. We're trying to listen to his voice and then this other tune starts vying for our attention.

Maybe it's the song of discontent or offense or worry and anxiety, and it can be hard to tune it out. There are so many voices trying to lay claim to the song we sing.

Because this stretch of highway has interrupted my song before, I've come up with this little "game" I play. I try to just keep singing, even if the song completely disappears because I know it always comes back in. And it always makes me laugh when it does because most of the time I didn't miss a beat.

And that's the thing...

The world will always give you another song to sing. But you can hold onto God and sing above the noise. You can trust in Him even when things seem to go radio silent. Choose to keep singing His song because He didn't go anywhere. Silence doesn't mean He disappeared.

God often gives us chances to see how strong our song game is. He knows that we often grow quieter when we have to sing alone. But through this process we learn to sing with hope and trust. We grow louder. We find our voices.

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