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Sometimes God Calls Us Back

My husband was standing in the bedroom as I left and I turned off the light by accident. I quickly turned it back on and laughed. "I'm sorry. I have a habit of turning the light off every time I leave a room. It's engrained in me."

This made me think about my dad when I was a child. Whenever one my siblings or I left a light on he would call us back to turn it off. I can't tell you how many times this happened! Over and over again he patiently stood by the light switch and called us back. Looking back I can't believe how patient he was... or how consistent. Many times I would say "Can't you just turn it off? You're standing right by it." But he would say, "No."

Of course now as a parent myself I understand why he didn't do it himself. I understand why he called me back. He was teaching me something. He was teaching me accountability. He was cultivating a habit in me that needed to be taught.

Sometimes God calls us back as well. Maybe you find yourself in the same position again. Maybe you're wondering, why am I here again? But maybe God is calling you back, too. Maybe he's teaching you something. Maybe he's cultivating a habit in you that's missing. Maybe there's something he's growing in you. Sure, he could do it himself. But Jesus says follow me - he says be like me.

Sometimes when we ask Him why can't he just do it, he says no. Sometimes Jesus calls us back. At times, this can be frustrating. But one day that thing he is teaching you is going to be fruitful. And you're going to look back and be thankful for a Father that called you back.

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