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Be Faithful In The Little Things

Be faithful in the little things.

In the little hands that fit in the fold of your hand. The ones who look to you for everything. In the little tears that fall down chubby cheeks in need of consoling. In the everyday, ordinary acts that prove you do way more than just show up. In the little cries that softly whisper for one more hug and one more kiss. In the getting up and laying down each night, knowing the little things don’t stay little for long.

Be faithful in the little things.

In the promise that brought two lives together. In the good morning kiss and the late night back rub. In the after-work hug that communicates a day’s worth of heaviness and love. In the giving of your time to listen to their work stories and life’s frustrations. In choosing peace instead of being right. In the biting of your tongue in exchange for grace and picking up the socks that missed the hamper. In the little acts of love that nourish a marriage when the years get slow-going.

Be faithful in the little things.

In the nightly dinners spent around the table. In saying grace and nightly prayers. In bed time stories and picking out the perfect stuffed animal. In Saturday morning cuddles on the couch. In the keeping of traditions. In the laughing and making of memories that keep a family afloat through the tough times.

Be faithful in the little things.

In the way a simple phone call sustains a friendship. In the way a kind word encourages a hopeless soul. In the way a soft word soothes an angry heart. In the way you reach across the grocery aisle with knowing eyes and a smile letting another mom know she can find rest there instead of judgment. In the giving of spare change and paying it forward in the drive-thru line. In the making of a meal for a friend who just had a baby.

Be faithful in the little things because they are often the big things in disguise.

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