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A Messy Christian

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who holds steadfast to God’s word until the water gets too deep and she starts swimming to the shore.

Drowning and desperate she behaves in ways that are not worthy of her God’s daughter status, so he rescues her yet again setting her calmly on the shore revealing how he was there the whole time if she had just trusted Him a little longer. She promises that next time she won’t forget and is thankful for her God’s faithfulness even when she isn’t.

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who worships God with her whole heart, hands held high because she knows what it is to sit in church for years and years and hold back her full heart from God and she’s never going back there again.

The lies of worship being about her instead of how worthy her God is having been removed, she no longer praises Him based on how perfect she is.

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who holds herself in high esteem for not committing the same wrongdoings as others all the while forgetting about the sins in her own heart.

She asks God to forgive her for being so prideful and forgetting that “there before the grace of God go I.”

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who loves people but loves herself a little more and often puts her own interests before others.

She remembers the scriptures of how Jesus came to serve and die for us and asks God to help her be more like Jesus with a servant’s heart.

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who expected perfection from everyone else because she expected it from herself until God came and shone His grace on all her ugliness and said I will meet you where you are. Now she no longer has to hide behind the lies of perfection and wants to tell everyone else they don’t have to either.

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who doesn’t think grace is a license to sin but a promise that God isn’t afraid of our messy and believes His word “that he who started a good work is faithful to complete it” and “I will be with you always.”

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who lets her anger get the best of her but wrestles against bitterness and chooses forgiveness over and over because she knows it’s a deal breaker and she’s been forgiven more times than she can count.

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who fights hard not to strike back when she’s offended because she has a willful tongue, but chooses to “hold every thought captive to Christ” and knows that “God goes with her, fights for her, and gives her the victory” and she doesn’t have to fight every battle thrown her way.

So, she fights His way and gets on her knees and prays that she can love like Him.

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who has felt fear come in like a dark cloud and sweep her off her feet. She knows what it is panic and scramble around in worry and anxiety. But, she’s cried out the name of the Lord on more than one occasion and she’s experienced His peace and comfort so she doesn’t dread that which scares her anymore.

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who knows that she has a long way to go but that she’s also come a long way. She continues to grow in her walk with the Lord and seek Him with all her heart and mind and soul. She asks Him “To search my heart for any unclean thing” and doesn’t shy away at what He reveals. She leans in and presses forward “for the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

A Messy Christian is…

Someone who loves the Lord and His word and at times walks it out on shaky legs trying to obey Him. Nonetheless, through the stumble, the cracks are revealed and God’s light shines through revealing her great need for Him in the first place.

A Messy Christian is…


And maybe it’s you, too.

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