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Works In Progress

Friends, we aren’t perfect. We are works in progress. We may fail multiple times in our attempts to act, love, and be like Christ in every area of our life, but that doesn’t discount us as children of God. It’s because of Jesus, that we have the grace and freedom to get up and try again. So, get up! Try again.

Don’t sit there in your sin. Look up to the One who has redeemed you. Acknowledge it before Jesus and ask for forgiveness and get on with the business of living for Him. He is ready to lift your head…again. Now, that doesn’t mean we don’t suffer consequences for our sins because we do. There are natural consequences that occur when we don’t obey God, but He is there…arms extended, ready to keep walking with you. He does not leave us when we fail Him. He does not forget us or give up on us. When we turn our hearts to Him, He is there waiting with open arms.

When we accept Christ as our savior, we are new creations in Christ, but that does not mean we are automatically made into flawless beings. We are like a house that has been purchased and now the work of transforming us daily can begin. Our Savior, the one who paid the ultimate price for our sins and new life in Him, bought and paid for us in full. Even before the work begins, seeing us right where we are, He made the purchase. The house may need new shutters, a new paint job, or a complete overhaul, but regardless, the house has been purchased and the renovations are beginning!

The house wasn’t purchased because of its flawless oak floors and fancy wrap-around porch. It was purchased because Jesus is in the restoration business. Soul restoration! He’s not distracted by your chipped paint. He’s not dissuaded because of your lack of market value. He looks at you and sees someone he can show His glory through. He is ready to do a new thing with you, friend.

He bought the house, cracks and all. He bought the REAL you. But, He loves us too much to leave us with a cracked foundation, broken plumbing, and electric that doesn’t meet fire code. He’s going to need to work on some things. Our job is to be broken before Him so He can fix the things that need fixing. To be honest before Him so He can remove and replace the things that need restoring. Our job is to fix our eyes on Him daily.

To get up over and over again and claim Jesus. To read His word and obey it, even if it’s done on shaky legs. Our job is to keep moving forward with Him. To leave every door unlocked in the house and to give Him full access. Then, He will begin to go through our house with the care of a good contractor.

Philippians 1:6 And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

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