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The Blindfold Test

When you try out to be a fireman, one of the tests they give you is this blindfolded test where you can’t see and you have to make it out only holding onto a rope. They want to know who can find their way out when their sight is taken from them. Who can hold onto the rope and not get lost.

Sometimes following God is like that. Our circumstances are too dark and we begin to lose sight of Him. We can’t see Him at work. And that’s when we have to keep following Him anyways. Trusting that when we do, he’ll lead us out of it.

Hold onto your hope. Hold onto your faith. Don’t let go. He knows the way, friends! He IS the way.

I say this not because I’m good at it. I’ve failed that rope test too many times.

But each time, He came in and rescued me. And each time I would think, “If only I had held on a little longer…I was so close. He was so close. Why didn’t I just hold on? Where did my faith go?”

But this trying and failing strengthened me. And it’s going to strengthen you, too.

One day, you’re going to pass this test!

One day, you’re going to be in the darkness and you’re not going to let go of the rope. One day you’re going to following Him all the way out. Where the light shines so bright, you’ll never be blinded again. And when dark times come, your faith WILL BE your sight.

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