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Motherhood Can't Be Walked Out Perfectly

Motherhood can’t be walked out perfectly.

It’s falling down, tripping, crawling, standing back up over and over.

It’s having a birth plan that doesn’t go to plan.

It’s being determined to breast feed and then realizing it doesn’t come as naturally as it seems it should.

It’s promising to yourself to never give your kid high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives and colors, and then handing them a bag of Doritos so you can shower in peace.

It’s fantasizing about never raising your voice in anger until you discover a box of cereal emptied out all over your couch. On purpose.

It’s tear-inducing and imperfection-revealing. It’s a broken walk.

It’s filled with chipped paint and cracks in the sidewalk.

It’s trying to change your own bad behaviors so your kids don’t end up with the same ones.

It’s sticking to your guns even when you feel like giving in because you’re weary from the fight.

It’s raising a strong-willed child and worrying your will isn’t as strong as theirs.

It’s a lot more messy and noise and chaos and repetition and worry and tears then you were prepared for when you held that sweet bundle for the first time.

So, don’t try to be perfect. Just try.

Don’t be surprised when you fall, just get back up.

Take the parts that worked and be proud.

Take the parts that didn’t and rework them.

Motherhood was meant to be so much more than perfect can promise.

After all, it was God-ordained and purposed.

There is great purpose in mothering.

And while perfection is concerned with flawlessness and precision, purpose is deeper.

It’s mountain high and valley low…

It’s meant to be profound and reflective and intense and weighty.

So, don’t you dare feel bad about not being a perfect mother.

Because sometimes things are going to get ugly.

They’re going to be hard.

Just like child birth is…

Just like getting your kid to sleep through the night is…

Just like teaching them to be kind and grateful and the million other things we are purposed to teach them…

It’s going to cause you to sweat.

Cause you to fall apart and dig deeper.

Because purpose commands you to grow. And growth causes pain.

But, after the pain and through the pain, purpose still remains while perfection falls away.

It’s shallow and superficial and it can’t keep up with purpose. It just can’t.

So, don’t measure yourself by how perfect you did something.

Purpose is measured by not giving up. So, just don’t do that and you’ll be okay.

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