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You're Already Famous

"Mom, I want to be famous when I grow up."

"Well, what do you think famous means?"

"That everybody loves you."

Oh, honey. No, no, no.

The world does not love you. The world loves to fall in and out of like with people, but it does not know about loving people.

It knows how to hold you close when you think like they do, but it has no problem kicking you out when you don't agree with them.

It knows how to love you when you're like them, but when you step out of the lines they've already drawn for you, it will have no problem turning it's back on you.

The world doesn't know anything about true love. But God does.

God loves you even when you're wrong. He loves you even when you're messing it all up. He loves you enough to stick around. He doesn't leave you when the rest of the world has decided you're worthless.

He loves you enough to go after you. To correct you and bring you back into His truth. His arms never fall short and never fail. He died for you WHILE you were a sinner. He didn't wait for you to be like him before he died for you. He died for you BEFORE you believed. The world knows nothing about that kind of love.

Don't worry about being famous and gaining the world's love. It will always disappoint. The creator of the universe knows you by name. You can't get anymore famous than that.

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