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Life Is Hard, But I Did It

Life was hard, but I did it.

It was dirty and dark and rough in parts, but I made it through.

There were cracks and edges that tripped me up, but I stood again.

At times, I crawled when I couldn’t find my legs, but I made it.

Some people offered me their arms and shouldered the load, and I’m grateful for them.

Other times, I went at it alone, and that’s where I found God.

Life was scary and horrific and cold, but I survived.

It left me with scars and wounds, but they healed.

They broke open from time to time, but I recovered.

At times, I cried and wailed, but I smiled again.

Life was beautiful because I lived it with an honest heart.

It was shining and bright and tremendous in parts, and I embraced it.

There were laughs and words and moments that propelled me forward.

Memories that haunted me and carried me and reminded me how rich life was meant to be.

And there were disappointments and sorrow that bore heartache and pain.

Life kicked up storms, but I weathered them.

It was surprising and biting and absurd and resistant, but I stuck it out.

I was toughened and made mindful of my might.

And it gave rise to strength and proficiency and talent.

It unleashed a passion and enthusiasm that made magnificent sparkle.

Life was astounding and breath-taking because my eyes were vulnerable.

It brought me joy and diamonds and love and friendship and close to God.

There were ups and downs, winding roads and steep cliffs, but I walked them.

At times, it was callous. Impenetrable in its routine, but I found the gold in it.

I turned it around and made it my own. I cherished it and extracted it’s worth.

Life held eternal meaning because God extended His grace to me.

I surrendered and bent low. Reaching high, I turned and felt life on all sides.

It was promise-fulfilling and heart-breaking and twisty-turning wonderful.

**I wanted to write a poem that encompasses the ark of human experience and emotion. A reminder that although life is hard, it is wonderful, too. It’s often in these hard moments, we discover the beauty and strength tucked inside all of us. Send it to someone who needs reminding today. Maybe they’ve had a rough go of it lately. Maybe life has kicked up some storms. Maybe they need reminding that dawn still follows the night and the beauty of living is worth the scars found in the fight.

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