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Just A Mom

Just a mom…

Is that what you say?

Like a sock or a toy,

To be soon thrown away.

Just a mom…

Is that what you think?

Like some former URL that no longer links.

Just good ole’ mom…

What does she do anyways?

Sit around eating bon bons while the children all play,

And the rest of the world works long and hard days.

Just a mom…

Are you a mom with this very thought?

Do you think that your talents could really be bought?

Is there a higher calling in which you have sought?

In case you’ve forgotten that you are way more,

And that just being a mom is not to be ignored,

That you hold a place that’s very, very dear,

Say this out loud with thunderous cheers.

I’m the kisser of boo-boos and wiper of noses,

The cleaner of butts and smeller of toeses.

I’m the bather of bodies and comber of hair,

The one that teaches them how to share.

I’m the mender of hurt hearts and all-around best hugger,

I’m a bug catcher and the best pitcher to my little sluggers.

I’m the guest at tea parties and the baker of cookies,

I’m the one that teaches sometimes it’s okay to play hookie.

I’m the proclaimer and reminder of how special they are,

I’m the applier of ointment when they have a scar.

I’m the giver of kisses and the tamer of tears,

I’m the bedtime whisperer and the reliever of fears.

I’m the grabber of arms when tantrums erupt,

And the smacker of butts when enough is enough.

I’m the sleep that was lost when someone was sick,

I’m the medicine giver that promises it will be quick.

I’m the reason they eat veggies , say thank you, and please,

I’m the one that carries tissues in case they sneeze.

I’m the voice of caution when danger is near,

I’m the Band-Aid applier when they didn’t adhere.

I’m the rounder of kids that puts them in the car,

I’m the one that goes out after them when they’ve run too far.

I’m photographer, cook, and all-around maid,

And I do it all without ever getting paid.

I’m the teacher of life lessons they so desperately need,

I’m the writer of memories they will one day read.

I’m the voice they hear inside their head,

When they need some reminding of something I’ve said.

I’m the first they call when they need some help,

I’m the first to run to them when I hear them yell.

I’m the lender of an ear when they’ve got something on their mind,

I’m the one they know always has time.

I’m there when life is new and just beginning,

I’m there for the losses and the many winnings.

I’m there when adulthood is on the brink,

I’m words of encouragement when they start to sink.

I’m the first home that they ever knew,

They are my heart and I am the glue.

I’m the prayer of prayers that they’ll never know harm,

And that when I can’t reach them, God will be my arm.

Yet, there’s so much more, I can’t possibly recall,

All my time and my life, I have given it my all.

I’m not just a mom, no how, not ever,

That’s like saying the wind is just part of the weather.

The wind is a force that can turn the tides,

That makes hurricanes strong or hot days quickly go by.

Wind is the reminder that leaves don’t blow on their own,

That seeds need help to find a new home.

And just like the wind, a mom is looked for in all seasons,

Her role, although changes, is steadfast for this reason.

So to say just a mom is really quite wrong,

You’re like the theme of love that’s in every song.

Just a mom…

I think it’s better to say,

Just the mom in the best possible way!

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