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Eyes on Jesus

I have found that when something happens, I have two choices. I can make it about myself or I can make it about Jesus.

What I mean by that, is I can narrow my view and filter everything through my feelings and circumstance or I can filter it through God’s word and what I know about Jesus.

In short, we can either make it about us or we can make it about Jesus.

When we make it about us, we quickly fall into our feelings. Our feelings can stir us up and cause us to think or act irrationally. Our feelings can overwhelm us and cause us to feel defeated.

When we make it about us, we leave ourselves exposed. We become vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. Self-preservation, self-defense, and self-importance are fertile ground for the lies of the enemy to run amuck.

But when we make it about Jesus, we put self on the shelf. We pursue the bigger picture.

Eyes on myself says…

Why did this happen to me? How could this happen to me? I’m hurt. I’m offended. I don’t deserve this.

Eyes on Jesus says…

What might Jesus be doing in me or through me in this situation? Let me get close to Jesus so that I don’t miss what He’s doing here. Jesus is in control and I know He has a purpose. I know His ways are higher than mine, so I might miss some things going on and some things may take me by surprise, but I trust that if I walk through this with Him, I will come out the other side victorious in Him.

Eyes on myself says…

Let me call my friend up and tell them all about how rotten this is.

Eyes on Jesus says....

Let me start praying about this right now.

Eyes on myself says…

I’m going to think about how I can be like-minded with this situation and act accordingly.

Eyes on Jesus says,

I’m going to be Christ-minded in this situation and act accordingly.

Eyes on myself says,

Let me worry myself to death about this and think of all the what-ifs.

Eyes on Jesus says,

I’m going to let Him worry about this while I stay prayerful and praise-ful.

Eyes on myself says,

I’m not certain what’s going to happen.

Eyes on Jesus says,

I’m not certain what’s going to happen, but I’m expecting God to come through here and I’m looking toward the future; looking for a stream in the desert or a river flowing from a rock or a dry path in the sea because I know that God has gone before me and he’s making a way for me to walk and His mercies are new every morning and He makes all things new and I’m His beloved and He has me in His hands and….oh, where was I, oh yes, I’m expecting God to show up in my circumstance or in me.

If you want to be victorious in your walk with God and in your life, you have to learn to put your eyes on Him and not yourself.

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