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Dear Husband, I Know Some Days You Wonder What I Do All Day

Dear Husband,

I know some days you wonder what I do all day.

You come home after a long, hard day and you see the house is still a mess. You see dishes in the sink. You see me, your wife, walking around looking like I didn’t take a shower. It’s because I didn’t, by the way. You see toys strewn throughout the house. Paint and glue litter the kitchen table. A laundry basket sits in the hall bathroom and you’re not sure if it’s clean clothes waiting to be folded or dirty clothes waiting to be washed.

I know some days you wonder what I do all day. And I get it.

Some days I wonder the same thing. How did the day get away from me? You’re about to be home and I scramble to make the house look nice for you. You’re about to be home, so I start making dinner and run the soapy water for the dishes. I clean up the toys and straighten up the house, but when I go to finish that dinner I started, the mess reappears.

Because trying to keep a house with kids in it, is trying to play catch-up all day. But, you never catch up. It’s exhausting in that it’s never-ending and there’s never a moment when you’ve actually caught up. And when there is that moment– that brief, shining, proud moment– it’s gone before anyone but me gets to see it.

I know some days you wonder what I do all day. And I don’t blame you…click here to find out why:)

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