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10 Reasons Walmart's New Free Grocery Pick-Up Is Giving Me All The Feels

Stop the presses y’all!

Walmart is offering

Okay, maybe you have Amazon Prime and you’re used to being pampered with your free shipping and next day delivery, but I do not. Matter of fact, I’ve never ordered anything from Amazon. Gasp! I know. I don’t know how I live. But new technology and Amazon escape me.

So, again I say,

Indulge me as I spell out the 10 reasons why I’m loving this and you just might, too.

1. It’s free. No fee. No tipping. Free. I can pretty much get down with anything that’s freeeeeeeeee.

2. No taking the kids to go grocery shopping. Currently my three year old refuses to sit in the cart seat and my kindergartner gets side tracked like a circus monkey so, yeah.

3. The convenience!! I can sit at home and order everything on line never setting foot into the store. That means no longer having to spend 2 hours at the store every weekend.

4. You get to pick the time you want to pick it up. You select a time slot that gives you an hour window instead of an exact time. I love the flexibility.

5. They specially train their workers to hand pick the freshest and best produce. This was actually the biggest reason I almost didn’t do it. I thought that they would give me apples that were soft and mushy or meat that was dated the same or next day. But they didn’t! They picked my food like I would pick it.

6. They offer bigger and better substitutions. So, if you ordered a small bag of carrots and they don’t have them, they will only substitute for something bigger and better but at the same price as what you originally ordered. This happened to me on my first order and I went home with a big bag of baby carrots but at the small bag price. On my second order, this happened with soda. I had ordered the small Coca-Cola cans in a pack of 8, but they didn’t have any so I got the large cans in a like a 12 pack or something. Needless to say, I was happy about that.

7. There’s no waiting. I downloaded the check-in app onto my phone and before I leave the house I check-in. This gives them about 10 minutes to get my order ready to come out to my car. When you arrive, there is special parking for free pickup customers on the side of the store. You park, call the number on the sign, and they bring it right out. They even load it into your trunk for you.

8. Great customer service. I told the guy who delivered my order that I loved the service but I had noticed that the spaghetti sauce I usually get wasn’t listed online so I had to order a different one. He said it might be because some things are specially sold at specific stores. Then he said I will go get it for you and exchange it for the one you ordered.

9. The groceries seem to be bagged by type. I noticed that all my pantry items were in one bag and all my refrigerated items in another. It made unloading and putting the groceries away faster.

10.  Somehow It feels luxurious. I know this sounds silly, but to a busy mommy who juggles many tasks this is something that helps lighten the load.

And did I mention it’s free!

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