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What's the story you tell yourself?

What's the story you're believing about your life today?

Nothing good could possibly come from this situation OR God works all things together for good for those that love Him.

I'm not strong enough to overcome the things in my life that are weighing me down OR His strength is made perfect in my weakness and I can lay those things down daily to Him.

I don't see a way out of my situation OR God makes streams of water in the desert and He will surely make a way for me, too.

I have to get myself together enough so I can seek God OR God meets me where I am and does the work of transforming me as I surrender daily to Him.

I've messed up too big to ever expect anything more OR God extends full forgiveness, grace, and mercy to me and longs to show up in my life in BIG ways.

Nothing can change my situation OR God hears my prayers and is working on my behalf.

The battle is lost and I might as well give up OR God goes with me, fights for me, and gives me the victory over my enemies.

No one cares, no one hears my cries, and no one will come to my rescue OR God thunders down from heaven on my behalf because I have made him my Lord and Savior.

Change your story, change your life.

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