I Don't Want You To Be Perfect

My child. I don’t want you to be perfect. People will say that you are when you are quiet and sit in your chair without fidgeting. When you get top marks or come in first. When you meet their every expectation. But you are not perfect. Do you hear me? You are NOT perfect. And I’ll never expect you to be. Ever. It’s important for you to know this because it’s so easy to believe that THAT is what is expected from you. But it’s not. It’s so important for you to know this because you’re going to mess up. Yes, YOU. You will. In small ways and big ways, too. And when you do, if you think it’s your perfection that makes you who you are, then this will be devastating to you. You’ll cower and hide an

Motherhood Is A Well-Used, Ugly, Old, Glorious Brown Pan

What is motherhood like? I think it’s a lot like this baking pan. I could show you the new, shiny metal one that I have in my cabinet. It has no scratches and looks like it’s never been used. Because it rarely has. It’s the Instagram of pans. If I wanted to show you how my children and I bake cookies at Christmas time, I would show you that pan. But, this is my go-to pan. My everyday pan. It’s the one that gets the job done. It is well browned, scratched, and way past it’s prime. I’m quite certain I should throw it away. It’s hideous! But, it’s also durable and reliable and I’m not afraid of it. Afraid, you ask? Yes, afraid. I get afraid of new, shiny things. I feel like I have to keep them

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