Motherhood Can't Be Walked Out Perfectly

Motherhood can’t be walked out perfectly. It’s falling down, tripping, crawling, standing back up over and over. It’s having a birth plan that doesn’t go to plan. It’s being determined to breast feed and then realizing it doesn’t come as naturally as it seems it should. It’s promising to yourself to never give your kid high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives and colors, and then handing them a bag of Doritos so you can shower in peace. It’s fantasizing about never raising your voice in anger until you discover a box of cereal emptied out all over your couch. On purpose. It’s tear-inducing and imperfection-revealing. It’s a broken walk. It’s filled with chipped paint and cracks in

Dear Husband, I Know Some Days You Wonder What I Do All Day

Dear Husband, I know some days you wonder what I do all day. You come home after a long, hard day and you see the house is still a mess. You see dishes in the sink. You see me, your wife, walking around looking like I didn’t take a shower. It’s because I didn’t, by the way. You see toys strewn throughout the house. Paint and glue litter the kitchen table. A laundry basket sits in the hall bathroom and you’re not sure if it’s clean clothes waiting to be folded or dirty clothes waiting to be washed. I know some days you wonder what I do all day. And I get it. Some days I wonder the same thing. How did the day get away from me? You’re about to be home and I scramble to make the house look nice

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