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Don’t Let The Little Things Become Big Things In Your Marriage

Isn’t it funny that we take the vows of “through thick and thin, better or worse” and yet it’s the little things like your spouse leaving the empty soda can by the trashcan and never really...


10 Reasons Walmart’s New Free Grocery Pick-Up Is Giving Me All The Feels

Stop the presses y’all! Walmart is offering Okay, maybe you have Amazon Prime and you’re used to being pampered with your free shipping and next day delivery, but I do not. Matter of fact, I’ve...


Shackled to Hell Without a Key, But God’s Grace Set Me Free: Why Easter Is Our Independence Day

Happy Easter everyone! Check out my latest on Her View From Home… Shackled To Hell Without A Key, But God’s Grace Set Me Free: Why Easter Is Our Independence Day  


He Reins Me In

Like a lot of people, I have dreams. Dreams that cause me to push myself…doubt myself…encourage myself…question myself…astonish myself…disappoint myself. Anyone that has dreams knows what I’m talking about. Once you embark on pursuing...


Do You Stop For The Dead?

I was driving my son to a birthday party around noon on Saturday. We weren’t on a backroad but we were on one of those old country roads filled with lots of hills, wide...


Maybe, This Is You Too

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it all seems too much. When I think about all that I have to do…or want to do…or didn’t do that I should’ve done…last week! All that...


What Do I Do Now?

I have learned to use scripture as my guidebook. By learned I mean I have fumbled, failed, and forged my own way rather than use scripture. But through this learning, I have come to...


No, I’m Not Enough

Hey Friends! I wanted to share with you that Her View From Home, an online women’s magazine, published an article I wrote called “No, I’m Not Enough.” Here is the link so you can...


PF’s and BF’s

My daughter pointing at some girl she’s never met before she’s my best friend. No, honey, she’s not. She’s not even a friend yet. But you can say hi. She’s three years old so...