About Me

Life is messy…

            …people are messy…and so is the world that we live in. But it’s important to see the beauty in our mess as well as learn the lessons. To see the humor and move past the sadness. To experience all that life has to offer because it goes by way too fast.  Even though sometimes life feels like it’s going way too slow, like when it took me SIX years to finish college. At other times it flies by, like every summer in West Virginia. And because time stops for no one…and I’ve wanted to be a writer since first grade (thank you Mrs. Davis)…and I happen to have a lot of mess to write about…and everyone has to start somewhere when following their dreams, I’ve decided to start this blog and write, write, write!

Parenting is messy…

            …growing is messy…and learning from our messes is a challenge we all face. Nothing brings out the very worst and the very best in you than being a parent. We’re constantly reminded of how imperfect and unprepared we are, and at the same time how capable and resourceful we can manage to be! Am I right? How many times have we all had to referee a Chic-fila play area or find a suitable place for our kid to potty on the side of the road.

            I was a teacher of third graders for almost eight years before I had my first child and became a stay-at-home mom. But nothing in all those years of teaching other people’s kids, prepared me for raising my own. And even though I fail myself daily, I am constantly learning new things about myself and my kids that grow me deeper as a parent and a person. I invite you to follow my blog and allow me to share some of my lessons (and failures) with you, if for nothing else but a good laugh!

And our walk with God is messy, too.

Not on God’s part, but on ours. I wish I could say that my walk with God has always been full of obedience and trust, but the truth is…it’s been messy! But because of Jesus’s faithfulness, it’s been one big, glorious mess that has grown me closer to Him, His word, and His character. And as I grow deeper still, I want to encourage and pass along some of the “mess” with you, sharing lessons learned as I journey through this messy life.

          Like many people, I spent a great deal of my life thinking God expected perfection from me. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t attend church for most of my twenties. When life got messy, I stayed away from God thinking that one day I would return when I was ready to be that “perfect Christian.” But that one day didn’t come. And it never was going too! So, when I found myself nearing my thirties and needing God more than ever, I got on my knees and asked God to meet me where I am. Right in the middle of my mess.  I was determined to find out if His word is true as it says in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”

          Not only did God show up, He showed out! Where there was once doubt, there was now no denying the truth and power of Jesus in my life. My misconceptions of what God expected of me were replaced with a complete awareness of God’s grace and love towards me that I had never truly known. Even though I have found myself in countless “messes” since then, instead of running from God I’ve learned to run towards Him. It is my hope that you will find the same to be true, knowing God’s grace and love abound to you. He always meets us right where we are and loves us too much to leave us there. Please consider subscribing to this blog, and follow me as I chronicle the many ways God sheds His light on our “mess.”