Monthly Archive: May 2017


Childhood Then and Now – Oh, How Things Have Changed Since The 80’s

I was lucky enough to grow up in the eighties. A time when kids were expected to spend their whole summer outside and climbing trees was a rite of passage. Check out my latest...


The Teenage Years Are Rough…But Just You Wait

Some kids seem to sore right through the teenage years without a hiccup and others take you for a loop. If you’re in the latter category, read my latest on Her View! The Teenage...


Don’t Let The Little Things Become Big Things In Your Marriage

Isn’t it funny that we take the vows of “through thick and thin, better or worse” and yet it’s the little things like your spouse leaving the empty soda can by the trashcan and never really...


10 Reasons Walmart’s New Free Grocery Pick-Up Is Giving Me All The Feels

Stop the presses y’all! Walmart is offering Okay, maybe you have Amazon Prime and you’re used to being pampered with your free shipping and next day delivery, but I do not. Matter of fact, I’ve...

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