Monthly Archive: March 2017


He Reins Me In

Like a lot of people, I have dreams. Dreams that cause me to push myself…doubt myself…encourage myself…question myself…astonish myself…disappoint myself. Anyone that has dreams knows what I’m talking about. Once you embark on pursuing...


Hide the Knives and 10 Other Boy Mom Truths

My first born is a boy and you know the phrase he’s all boy, well that definitely applies to my boy. Here are some boy mom truths for you to choke on. Oh, I’m...


I Saw You Tonight…

Check out my latest on Her View From Home. It’s near and dear to my heart because it’s about my dad. I Saw You Tonight… Please follow and like us:0


Do You Stop For The Dead?

I was driving my son to a birthday party around noon on Saturday. We weren’t on a backroad but we were on one of those old country roads filled with lots of hills, wide...


5 Things Every New Mom Needs To Know

When I became a new mom, there were a few things that surprised me, possibly you too, and I share these in my latest post for Her View From Home. Check it out at the link...

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