Monthly Archive: December 2016


New Year’s Trutholutions 2017

Instead of New Year’s resolutions we should just try trutholutions for 2017. I’ll start. It’ll be cathartic. *Coffee will continue to be a needed part of my morning routine. Green tea is not going...


The Ole’ Walk & Talk: Surviving the Never-Ending Conversation

It’s that time of year again when many of us will find ourselves at a plethora of family and work holiday gatherings. It will be a joyous time filled with lots of laughs and...


Laundry…Mi Vida Loca

Sometimes I feel like I’m in a relationship with my kid’s clothes. This is as low as it gets people. Folding clothes at night in the middle of your favorite show, and feeling like you’re...


Who will?

Who will rescue you when you make mistakes,             Too immense for you to contemplate? Who will lift you when you fall,             When you’ve made a catastrophe of it all? Who will comfort...


Where Do You Lay Your Brokenness?

We can lay our brokenness before the world or we can lay it before the Lord. These were the words I felt whirling around my head during worship one Sunday. The decision clearly at...

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